Designova Creative + Associates is a Superyacht Design Group specializing in custom superyacht design, with over a decade of transcontinental project experience and leadership. We also work in creating product design, concept art for film, branding development + more.

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J. David Weiss is President and Founder of Designova Creative + Associates Innovation Consultancy. He is an internationally active and award-winning designer, who was recently named one of the leading "Industry Disruptors" by BOAT International's first annual "Future Yachts" book.

Most of David’s career has been spent designing large custom yachts and superyachts. Our legacy is front line international experience in a very wide array of high level creative endeavors: superyacht design, transportation design and marketing, luxury product and branding creation, software UI/UX development, consumer product development, feature film production, brand identity & creation, and creative team management. David has contributed or led design for more than 30 privately owned vessels either in build or completed. More than a decade of effort and creativity in custom luxury superyacht projects has shaped our vision and identity and continues to inspire us as we push each adventure forward.

David's recent projects both in superyachts and other spheres have been internationally recognized for their innovation and beauty, and continue to win international awards in a broad array of arenas.

Designova is engaged by clients in the EU, Russia, Africa, Asia, and Gulf States, as well as a growing clientele in the US.

David and his associates and team members are always pushing forward new ideas and partnerships, while endeavoring to work inside the philosophy of birthing projects out of relationships and friendships. We also stay active in giving back to the community in various ways including acting on advisory boards and think tanks at Universities, and other community endeavors. We believe every day is a new adventure.

- J. David Weiss

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